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This statement from AICPA moved us to start Pithom Financial Advisors:


“CPAs are forward-thinking and relationship-oriented professionals. Taking the time with individual clients to think about their life goals and financial needs in an integrated way has always been core to the profession and has been growing steadily over the past decade, with CPAs broadening into new areas that now benefit greatly from their expertise and insight a CPA can offer. These are exciting times that bring new possibilities for CPAs who are willing to embrace them. Those CPAs who do will find success, longevity, and a satisfied client base.  If you’re like most CPAs, your focus is on your clients’ needs. Their needs are changing, and there is an increasing demand for experts capable of providing objective advice to individuals, families and business owners on complex financial situations. With a growing and aging population, your clients and their next generations will need guidance on tax, estate, retirement, risk management/ insurance and investment planning.”

Pithom Financial Advisors was created with the client in mind


You have heard the news reports on income and wealth in America. There is a growing divide between rich and poor. There is a growing wealth and income divide between white and minority populations, regardless of their level of education.


Most financial advisors and investment advisors will say they are targeting only professionals, those with a high net worth (people making $200K and above per year), and people over 50 years, because they have been led to believe this demographic group has the greatest investment potential.  We want to change all of this by becoming the financial advisor for everyone, big and small. We have made a huge investment in financial technology that will allow us to serve all people, regardless of income and race.

Plan First, Invest Next


We have also noticed many individuals investing in 401Ks, Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, stocks, REITs, bonds and alternative investments without having a financial plan. People also buy all sorts of insurance, annuities and supplemental health insurance without a real purpose, all because someone convinced them it was a good investment.  Too many people make these decisions without clarity on goals, needs or risk tolerance. We want to make sure that our clients have access to the right information and guidance in making their investment plans.


We have invested in the best financial planning and investment technologies in the industry. It allows us to quantify your risk profile and compare it against major indexes so that you can test whether your investments are consistent with the risk profile you established with your financial advisors.

The financial advisor for everyone, big or small

We use top financial technologies in providing you sophisticated financial planning