Our Services
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Our Services

Explore our financial services
Retirement and Financial Independence Planning

Our system allows clients to interact with their retirement plan:


  • Helping clients develop or refine retirement planning goals; determining cash requirements to realize those goals
  • Calculating savings needed to meet retirement cash requirements and analyzing available retirement plans
  • Reviewing limits on and tax consequences of contributions to or distributions from retirement plans
  • Establishing retirement plans
  • Planning for retirement plan withdrawals
  • Assisting clients with maximizing their Social Security benefits and providing a Social Security Comparison Report
  • Planning for post-retirement succession of a closely held business
  • Assisting clients with accounts
    • Type Contributions Limits
    • RMD Calculations
    • Roth Conversions
  • Providing Solution Reports
Estate/Gift/Trust Planning

We present various estate planning techniques:


  • Helping clients develop or refine their financial and personal estate planning goals:
    • Transferring assets to the next generation
    • Establishing beneficiary designations
    • Providing for family members with special needs
    • Making gifts
    • Helping estate and gift tax calculation
  • Providing federal estate tax planning, including the marital deduction, portability, etc.
  • Estimating liabilities for federal estate tax, state death taxes and other obligations; determining cash needs upon death
  • Developing recommendations to meet financial obligations upon death
  • Reviewing tax and probate considerations of various forms of property ownership; making recommendations on the titling of assets
  • Developing strategies for minimizing estate and death taxes and achieving the clients’ other estate-planning goals
  • Recommending or reviewing various instruments (e.g., wills, powers of attorney, trusts) for use in achieving goals
  • Planning for post-mortem succession of a closely held business (e.g., buy-sell agreements, estate freeze techniques, valuation issues)
  • Performing Grant or Trust Modeling
  • Performing Trust Planning
Risk Management/Insurance Planning

We provide a comprehensive risk management framework for our clients:


  • Analyzing client exposure to risks and recommending methods for managing risk
  • Identifying gaps in our client insurance needs:
    • Customizable Health Care Events
    • Life Insurance Gap Analysis Reports
    • Long Term Care Gap Analysis Reports
    • Disability Short/Long Term Gap Analysis
  • Advising clients on various types and uses of life insurance
  • Planning for long-term health care for clients and their families
  • Evaluating clients’ needs for:
         ✓ Life insurance
         ✓ Disability insurance
         ✓ Long-term care insurance
         ✓ Health insurance
         ✓ Property insurance
         ✓ Liability insurance
         ✓ Professional Liability
  • Working with other service providers to obtain the policy that is in the best interest of the client
  • Reviewing proposed policies to ensure clients’ needs are satisfied
  • Reviewing income and estate tax aspects of insurance coverage with clients
Employee and Business-Owner Planning

We help employees get the maximum from benefit plans and business owners to reduce their fiduciary risks:


  • Analyzing and making recommendations on executive compensation and stock options
  • Evaluating or reviewing various benefits (equity, fringe, insurance) available to employees of private companies
  • Evaluating the implications of strategies for timing exercise and sale of equity employee benefits
  • Examining tax implications of benefits for employer and employees
  • Planning with business owners on decisions about their business that affect their current or future personal financial goals
  • Helping with buy and sell agreements
  • Advising on 401K Plans
    • Evaluating fee structures
    • Assisting plan committee or company owners to decide on investment options in the plan
    • Providing general advice on the plan, and its investment options, to the company’s workers (the plan participants)
    • Creating a report which shows whether each current and proposed fund meet 11 different fiduciary score criteria, including returns, Sharpe ratio, low expense ratio, stable manager tenure, etc.
Investment Planning

We aggregate into a single dashboard all our clients’ investments and evaluate our investments portfolio:


  • Reviewing client investment preferences and risk tolerance to help clients develop appropriate investment strategies
  • Drafting an investment policy statement
  • Discussing available investment options with clients
  • Providing asset allocation (asset mix growth) recommendations
  • Recommending securities and investment products or helping clients build portfolios that support their financial goals
  • Creating & modifying custom portfolios and asset classes
  • Managing client assets
  • Evaluating tax-positioning on specific holdings; year-end capital gain/loss recognition planning; deferral of capital gain strategies
  • Determining strategies to supplement retirement savings
  • Calculating after-tax rate of return on investments
  • Monitoring the performance of invested assets
  • Preforming efficient frontier portfolio analysis
  • Testing the probability of success for multiple plans through Monte Carlo
Portfolio Risk Scoring

Using sophisticated software, we remove the stress of market ups and downs by helping clients to build plans and portfolios according to their risk profile:


  • Providing a retirement map based on a client’s risk capacity against goals as a precursor to full financial plan
  • Calculating a single risk number for each of our clients, comparing and monitoring against major indexes’ risk scores
  • Preforming scenarios analysis
  • Performing a stress test of portfolios
  • Running a portfolio through a market time line and comparing it with appropriate benchmarks
  • Analyzing efficiency of returns per unit of risk
  • Showing clients’ model performance
Comprehensive Tax Planning

We help our clients plan for numerous tax strategies & consequences:


  • Quickly identify sub-optimal tax situations
  • Managing clients’ tax bracket! Calculate effective marginal tax rate and identify dangerous points where just one additional dollar of income can push a client into much higher effective marginal tax rates.
  • 1040 & Alternative Minimum Tax Calculations
  • Customizable adjustments, credits, and deductions
  • State specific income taxes
  • Look at the tax landscape for any given year and easily show the tax impact of different plan decisions
  • Future tax schedules
Social Security Planning
  • Help clients optimize their Social Security claiming strategy and increase their retirement value by up to $100,000.
  • Showing clients the exact year and month the client should claim for optimal results, and the month, year and amount that the client will receive when they pass the earnings test.
Cash Flow Planning

We demonstrate the effects of our clients’ most important financial decisions:


  • Detailed year-by-year flow analysis
  • Monthly or annual simulations
  • Buy and sell any assets or liabilities
  • Customizable withdrawal strategies
  • Free form transfers between assets
Charitable Planning
  • Evaluating clients’ assets to use for charitable giving
  • Determining the advantages and disadvantages of charitable giving through different vehicles (e.g., conservation easements, charitable trusts, life insurance, donor-advised fund)
  • Summarizing income tax consequences of various charitable giving options
Elder, Special Needs, and Chronic Illness Planning

We provide a comprehensive financial planning to ease stress and anxiety on the elderly and families:


  • Helping with Medicare and supplemental health insurance needs
  • Medicaid planning
  • Helping with reverse mortgages
  • Helping clients understand the variety of care options that are available to them
  • Addressing health care needs or senior housing options
  • Analyzing financial aspects and assisting clients with housing related decisions
  • Providing bill-pay or other personal financial services for clients
  • Developing plans to address current and future financial expenses for special needs clients
  • Educating clients about end-of-life care costs
  • Tax strategies for clients with chronic illness and those in assisted living
Education Planning

We provide a detailed overview of education expenses and funding options:


  • Assisting clients with understanding the education planning process
  • Developing recommendations for education funding methods and strategies
  • Preparing financial aid analysis to support client decision-making
    • Comprehensive in and out of state tuition cost database
    • Customizable asset funding order
    • Solution Gap Analysis Reports
  • Using Section 529 and Coverdell savings plans
  • Assessing income tax implications for education funding strategies
  • Tax planning with education-related credits and deductions
Business Valuation

We perform two types of engagements:


  • Valuation engagement
  • Calculation engagement


Reasons for a valuation engagement:


For Financial Reporting & Others

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Reorganizations
  • Spin-offs
  • Liquidations
  • Bankruptcy
  • Allocation of purchase price for financial reporting
  • Marital dissolutions
  • Business interest and equity valuation
  • Tangible and intangible asset valuation
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Stockholder disputes
  • Stock-based compensation
  • Financing
  • Ad valorem taxes
  • Damage litigation
  • Insurance claims
  • Eminent domain actions
  • Fresh start accounting
  • Impairment testing
  • Fairness opinion


Tax Reporting

  • 409A Equity Valuation
  • 280G Covenant not to compete valuation
  • 1060 Purchase Price Allocations
  • Stock-based compensation
  • Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax (FIRPTA)
  • Tax Restructuring Valuation
  • 1603 Grants
  • Charitable contributions above $5,000
  • Business Interest, Partnership Interest, and Equity Valuation
  • Legal Entity Valuation
  • Estate and Gift Tax Valuation
  • C-Corp to S-Corp Valuation
Special Situations
  • Defining clients’ housing goals
  • Planning income needs and evaluating division of assets during a divorce
  • Advising clients on household employees
  • Debt consolidation and resolution

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